Why are Japanese so creative? Secret Revealed!

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Published: 16th July 2012
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Have you ever wonder why Japanese are so creative?

I was casually chatting with my student, J, about his future plan and I got to know that he is leaving for Japan to study soon. He is one of my drawing class student but he is only planning to take up Manga drawing as an extra curriculum activity when he goes Japan to study. So here is how the topic started.

J was asking if i know about this singer and I don’t really know him because I’m not very current with Japanese singer. This singer got a long weird name, starting with L and I can’t remember his name because it’s really very long. So J uses his iPhone and googled this L singer to show me how he looks like. At first look, my first impression was, “Well, that’s a normal male Japanese singer look, nothing really special.”

J continued to ask how old I think this L singer would be. Based on those photos, I presumed the singer is be in his early 20s and J noded, “Yeah… I thought so too, he is same age as my mum.” (J’s mum is roughly late 40s to 50s.) I was impressively shocked after hearing that because his appearance was very young! Later on, J added that this singer is gay and he sometimes asks his male band members to give him a love bite at his neck before his concert starts, just to tease his fans.

Without much hesitation, I confidently told my student, “Do you know why Japanese are generally more creative?” I had always wanted to tell my student to be cautious if he is going to Japan to study because I heard many friends were affected by radiation in their body because they visited Japan for a short holiday. However, he likes Japan very much and he never really listen to me about the radiation issue. So in a spur of fun, I told him, “Japanese are creative because they have radiation in them.” J looked at me, stunted.

I further explained, “What makes you think that Japanese are able to get back on their feet after world war 2? For obvious reason that they have tremendous power from radiation! Think about this, Japan had always been very advance with technology. They not only have good quality invention, they have a huge quantity of invention that you can ever think of! And when did that happened? After world war 2!” J started giggling and looked at me in a mocking manner, he must be thinking what a joker I am.

To make this idea sounds more convincing, I explained, “So do you think the recent tsunami that cause the nuclear reactor to leak is an accident? Of course not! It is all planned and there’s a hidden agenda to such incident. Japanese are clever and definitely they are able foresee such disaster to happen but why did they not prevent it? Or did they intentionally not prevent it?”

I start to bring up some social issue examples, “Think about what is happening to Japan now. They are aging population and their younger generation have to work hard to pay taxes. The whole Japan is slowing down just like a 486 computer trying to install windows 7. They are slowly getting obsolete but why?

Here is the answer; the generation that received nuclear radiation are too old and they are dying off very soon. Not many of such radio-active Japanese are around to push the whole Japan forward. Even if there are some left, they are old and they do not have much time contribute. As for the off springs of the radio-active Japanese, they are the by-products, which means they are not as powerful as the first generation.”

At this point of time, J seems like he is almost ignoring my nonsense, “So why did the nuclear reactor become unstable? Japanese government see the nation’s deterioration coming and the new generation needs some sort of adrenaline to re-build their Japanese nation’s glory. The best opportunity for this to happen is intentionally plan for an accident to release the nuclear reactor! Nothing beats this tsunami disaster as it looks convincingly too short a time to react and there is no one to blame other than the mother nature! Japanese need radiation to become creative and more powerful to top the world again!”

Ok, so this is the end of the synopsis. Are you convince? I’m sure you are not convinced and should not be, but did you at least enjoy this atrocious yet entertaining idea? Yes, of course this story is not the main point of this blog. Still remember this image I found and re-tweet on twitter? I am just trying to be creative on anything and everything that cross my path. Trust me that I’m not a Japanese and I’m not even 0.01% close to their creativity.

Now here are two questions I like to ask:

Do you think this idea is somewhat creative and might interest you to watch if it is produced into a anime or movie?
(The more important question) Do you think creativity can be taught?

I hope you like this idea sharing session and I’m going to write my next blog to answer the second question soon.

Nash Lin is an expert in multimedia and animation industry. He has 7 years of creating animation for games and 3D video trailers. To find out more about animation, visit www.ilearntoanimate.com

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